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Mixta San Miguel de Allende

When John and I visited the Pritchard family last summer in San Miguel de Allende, we fell in love with the town. Billy showed us all the greatest parts like his morning walk in the Landetta and the best cappuccino at Buen Dia. And I cannot stop thinking about the chilaquilles we had at El Correo on our first morning. And then there were the margaritas we had at sunset at the rooftop bar at Rosewood!           Billy took us to one of his favorite shops called Mixta. It is owned and run by an awesome lady named Anna. The shop is an eclectic mix of home furnishings, clothing and jewelry. Many of the pieces are made locally, some things are vintage and just about everything I could easily have put in my suitcase to bring home with me.     The building is old with peeling [...]

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Designer Interview – Jana Bek Design

I stumbled upon Jana Bek Design while scouring Pinterest recently. She used a few of our products a room she designed, but I was not familiar with her name. I reached out to her to find out more. Jana started her design career with Caitlin Wilson Design and has since gone out on her own.  (p.s. Did you see her chic apartment featured on Design*Sponge?) Jana works with her clients in a very affordable method of interior design called E-Design. The client sends her photos of the room, measurements and inspirational images. Jana then creates a storyboard, room layout and shopping list. She has contact with her clients through phone, ichat and email which allows her to design spaces all over the world without ever stepping foot on a plane. Jana kindly answered some questions for us and you can see some of her designs and her apartment below. Thanks Jana [...]

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Nesting in my Dream Nursery

  Every once in a while we receive a call from a desperate designer wanting to check the status of her order. Her client is pregnant and NEEDS her chandelier to complete the nursery before the baby comes. She has a firm due date and a pregnant woman’s nesting instincts only get stronger the closer she is to that date.   I have been feeling the urgent need to nest, cross things off my list and try to prepare for this tiny person coming to live at our house. The nursery is just one of the projects I would like to finish before my own due date, although I do realize the baby won’t care much what his or her room looks like or what kind of color scheme I have picked out.   I am very lucky to be working for such a fun company whose funky furnishings and [...]

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And the award goes to…

    Did ya see?! Did ya see?! Our very fine Sarah Lamp was in the movie Twilight: Breaking Dawn, Part 2. It was on the nightstand of Renesmee in both her nursery and her more grown up bedroom. We were so excited, we forgot to tell anyone, but we know many of you noticed. As they say at the Academy Awards, “what an honor!”   With the Oscars in only a couple weeks, we are going to show you our own show stoppers! We have been featured in quite a few of other high proflile places and wanted to show them off. Here are the winners…   And the award for Most Popular goes to our Sarah Lamp! She is a movie star as well as a star in print. A classic lamp, seen here in the living room of Lindsey and Grayson Cheek in their Wilmington, NC cottage, she pairs well with [...]

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Settling in

  HOLA!  I’m back! I know that I claimed I was going to post a blog every few days about our time in Mexico….it seems that I lied. I hope you are not shocked. You shouldn’t be. I am a notorious liar and blog procrastinator.     I am sorry. Really. My intentions were good but for some reason it has been really difficult to get settled and into a good work groove. Everything is still feels a bit discombobulated and out of sorts.  It is weird…we are having lovely time and everybody is happy here (except maybe Stella…but she is a 12 year old girl and I don’t think I or any mortal has the power to make her truly happy anywhere.) I don’t know what the problem is …I guess just new place, new digs, new office, new language, etc. I spend an incredible amount of time just [...]

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