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Dispatch from Mexico

  Buenos Dias! I think most of you know….maybe? maybe not?…..Billy, the children, the dogs, and I are spending the year in Mexico. We are living in lovely San Miguel de Allende, where we have our workshop. The children are enrolled in a sweet, small private school that is bilingual…sort of. Really it is about an hour or 2 a day in English and the rest in Spanish. Yikes! I guess they will learn Spanish, though, right? And that is the whole point.         So, the kids and I have been here for about 3 weeks trying to get settled, starting school, figuring out how to navigate teeny, crowded cobblestone roads in a big pick up truck, buying school supplies (I think I might devote an entire blog to the Mexican school supply list…really quite mind boggling, and unbelievably challenging in Spanish), etc., etc.  Billy and the dogs arrived this weekend. Very happy to see them. Billy’s Spanish is […]

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