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President’s Day or The Glamorous Life of a Designer

Today’s Presidents Day and Franny’s out of school. Of course. Somebody’s always out of school. Schools do that to make you crazy, as everyone knows. Stella and Pete had three days off last week, “Winter Break”.  Which is just what every mother needs between Christmas Break and Spring Break, an extra Break, with extra chores, just to keep us on our toes. 
Sick-making. I never had a Winter Break. Or a Fall break for that matter. I could go on and on about the generational injustice of this new-fangled school calendar but I won’t… I have better things to whine about. So, since Franny’s with me today, I’m not really working. I’ve spent the day doing laundry. And going to the Wal Mart. And cleaning out a particularly jumbled bookcase. And mopping. And wiping up dog vomit. What can equal the thrill and challenge of domestic engineering? As it turns [...]

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