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Lucy and Company at Blvd

We have known Beth Keim of Lucy and Company for years now and she has always been a big Stray Dog Designs supporter! She is a fantastic interior designer based in Charlotte, North Carolina and just opened up a new space at the Blvd in Greensboro, North Carolina. Blvd is an interiors marketplace where you can go in and visit 30 unique spaces put together by individual designers. They have items you can purchase from their booths or you can meet with them for a design consultation.     We love Beth’s space, she really has a fearless way with mixing pattern and color. Her space will change with the seasons, but for the summer months she is using aqua, chartreuse, blues and greens. It feels like the caribbean to me! Stray Dog Designs will be available in her booth to purchase or if you need a different color, it […]

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Settling in

  HOLA!  I’m back! I know that I claimed I was going to post a blog every few days about our time in Mexico….it seems that I lied. I hope you are not shocked. You shouldn’t be. I am a notorious liar and blog procrastinator.     I am sorry. Really. My intentions were good but for some reason it has been really difficult to get settled and into a good work groove. Everything is still feels a bit discombobulated and out of sorts.  It is weird…we are having lovely time and everybody is happy here (except maybe Stella…but she is a 12 year old girl and I don’t think I or any mortal has the power to make her truly happy anywhere.) I don’t know what the problem is …I guess just new place, new digs, new office, new language, etc. I spend an incredible amount of time just […]

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