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Settling in

  HOLA!  I’m back! I know that I claimed I was going to post a blog every few days about our time in Mexico….it seems that I lied. I hope you are not shocked. You shouldn’t be. I am a notorious liar and blog procrastinator.     I am sorry. Really. My intentions were good but for some reason it has been really difficult to get settled and into a good work groove. Everything is still feels a bit discombobulated and out of sorts.  It is weird…we are having lovely time and everybody is happy here (except maybe Stella…but she is a 12 year old girl and I don’t think I or any mortal has the power to make her truly happy anywhere.) I don’t know what the problem is …I guess just new place, new digs, new office, new language, etc. I spend an incredible amount of time just […]

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Designer Interviews: Beth Webb of Beth Webb Interiors

In our second edition of Designer Interviews we sent our questions to Beth Webb of Beth Webb Interiors. Beth is an Atlanta based interior designer and a Chattanooga native who grew up on Lookout Mountain (right next door to Jane Gray Pritchard!). She has taken classes at Southeby’s, worked in art galleries and logged many hours traveling and in museums. Her clean, crisp interiors mix beautiful antiques, modern furniture and incredible art. She has an amazing eye: her interiors are flawlessly gorgeous. Her list of favorite things include Paris, Star Provisions and Welsh Corgis…some of our favorites too! Take a look at her interview…

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Dispatch from Mexico

  Buenos Dias! I think most of you know….maybe? maybe not?…..Billy, the children, the dogs, and I are spending the year in Mexico. We are living in lovely San Miguel de Allende, where we have our workshop. The children are enrolled in a sweet, small private school that is bilingual…sort of. Really it is about an hour or 2 a day in English and the rest in Spanish. Yikes! I guess they will learn Spanish, though, right? And that is the whole point.         So, the kids and I have been here for about 3 weeks trying to get settled, starting school, figuring out how to navigate teeny, crowded cobblestone roads in a big pick up truck, buying school supplies (I think I might devote an entire blog to the Mexican school supply list…really quite mind boggling, and unbelievably challenging in Spanish), etc., etc.  Billy and the dogs arrived this weekend. Very happy to see them. Billy’s Spanish is […]

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Designer Interviews: Rachel Halvorson of nestegg

Hello again! Sorry for the long pause, we were very busy getting all of our new products in and going to Market in Atlanta. We are so excited about all of them and we will be posting photos soon on our website. Enjoy our interview with designer Rachel Halvorson!   Our second interview is with Rachel Halvorson who is an interior designer based in Nashville and has a very cute blog called nest egg. (You may recognize her from the cover of Garden and Gun!) We love her blog, it’s refreshing to see a designer with great skills who doesn’t take herself too seriously, at all. Rachel is hilarious and honest. Her homes feel like they are meant to be lived in…she wants you to be comfortable. Her design principles are visible on her blog, intertwined in her musings about her life, from adopting a rescue puppy, (and spoiling him rotten!) to the […]

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Designer Interview: Jill Sorensen of Marmalade Interiors

Who are your favorite designers? Do you want to know some of ours? We will be sharing little interviews with a few of our favorites over here on the Stray Blog. We have asked them some fun questions to get a little glimpse into their busy and interesting lives. Check back each week or so to see a new feature! We will also keep you updated through facebook! Enjoy!   We are kicking off our new Designer Interview series with Jill Sorensen of Marmalade Interiors. The Swedish born model turned designer lives in McLean, Virginia where she designs, writes a blog and works on the charity she co-founded called Knock Out Abuse, which helps the victims of domestic violence. I’m not sure how she found the time to answer our questions, but she graciously did! She has a wonderfully colorful blog that matches her design ethos. Using lots of colors […]

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