Designer Interview: Jill Sorensen of Marmalade Interiors


Who are your favorite designers? Do you want to know some of ours? We will be sharing little interviews with a few of our favorites over here on the Stray Blog. We have asked them some fun questions to get a little glimpse into their busy and interesting lives. Check back each week or so to see a new feature! We will also keep you updated through facebook! Enjoy!


We are kicking off our new Designer Interview series with Jill Sorensen of Marmalade Interiors. The Swedish born model turned designer lives in McLean, Virginia where she designs, writes a blog and works on the charity she co-founded called Knock Out Abuse, which helps the victims of domestic violence. I’m not sure how she found the time to answer our questions, but she graciously did! She has a wonderfully colorful blog that matches her design ethos. Using lots of colors and patterns, Jill encourages everyone to ‘Live Like You,’ which also happens to be the name of her online store. Jill is not afraid of color, just one of the many reasons we like her. Thanks so much Jill!!! Check out our interview…


Do you have a dog? What kind?

Yes I have two rescue dogs. Lucky, a shelter mix and Bubba, a Jack Russell Chihuahua mix with a big under bite. They are the best!


Bubba and Lucky, Jill Sorensen's dogs. Photo by Tanya Malott



What is your favorite room in the house/apartment/yurt where you grew up?

My mom’s bold yellow and orange kitchen.


What is your favorite room in your space now?

The newly made over colorful living room.


What is your favorite room to design?

Any room, for someone who is willing to step just a little bit outside the box.


Who is your favorite artist?

Living? I love everything Julian Schnabel does, his paintings, his interiors and his movies. He is proof that amazing creativity and sense of beauty expands to any creative arts you apply it to.


What is your zodiac sign? Do you read your horoscope?

I’m technically a Libra. But I’m born on the cusp to Scorpio, so I read both to see which one I like better.


What was your first job?

Working at a riding school taking care of horses.


What led you to this career?

I hired a designer who offered me a job after I ended up doing all the work and coming up with the designs. I didn’t do it at the time since I had another job in NYC at the time, but I started my own company not long thereafter.


What decorative accessory do you love to work with the most?

Hmm…anything with an animal shape. Animal ceramics of any kind.


What are you reading right now?

Steve Jobs bio.


What is sexy now?

The Mac laptop!


What is your favorite part of the job?

Making people happy! Seeing the extreme effect design can have on someone’s life and how it can alter their path in life. Finding a design that truly expresses who that individual is. I guess that why I call my online store LiveLikeYou!


How does living in McLean, Virginia effect your designs?

Great question!! People’s homes here are generally on the conservative side. That prompts me to create designs that are unusual for here. Life is more fun that way.