Designer Interviews: Rachel Halvorson of nestegg

rachael halverson

Hello again! Sorry for the long pause, we were very busy getting all of our new products in and going to Market in Atlanta. We are so excited about all of them and we will be posting photos soon on our website. Enjoy our interview with designer Rachel Halvorson!


Our second interview is with Rachel Halvorson who is an interior designer based in Nashville and has a very cute blog called nest egg. (You may recognize her from the cover of Garden and Gun!) We love her blog, it’s refreshing to see a designer with great skills who doesn’t take herself too seriously, at all. Rachel is hilarious and honest. Her homes feel like they are meant to be lived in…she wants you to be comfortable. Her design principles are visible on her blog, intertwined in her musings about her life, from adopting a rescue puppy, (and spoiling him rotten!) to the daily design projects that keep her busy, and lately, how her own home is coming together in Nashville. She was born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama and her work reflects a blend of easy Southern charm with rustic bits thrown in and tailored sophistication. You can read more about her below, make sure to visit her blog, it will make you laugh out loud and then have your whole house redesigned with the help of Rachel Halvorson!



Do you have a dog?

Finley. He’s our rescue dog that is a golden retriever mix. He’s the sweetest puppy in the world and is growing faster than I can keep up with!






What is your favorite room in the house/apartment/yurt where you grew up?

I would have to say it’s my parent’s kitchen. It’s where my family still gathers every time we get together. It has a huge island and 2 comfortable chairs that overlook the woodsy backyard. It’s one of the coziest kitchens.. and it helps that my mom always has snacks and fresh cut fruit sitting out for us. She knows how to lure us back home!


What is your favorite room in your space now? My little side porch. I could sit on my swing all day long and watch people walk by.


What is your favorite room to design?

Kitchens. I’ve always loved designing kitchens. Not only have they become the center of a household where everyone ends up gravitating (see question 2) But there are so many materials to work with. Layout, paint, tile, cabinetry style, lighting, countertop, fixtures, hardware, etc. It’s fun to explore different avenues and come up with something unique and beautiful.


Who is your favorite artist?

Currently I’m in love with Degas. I went to France this past summer and saw his pieces in the Museum D’Orsay. His attention to detail was unbelievable. I just stood in front of his paintings with my mouth hanging open (I know- tres chic!)


What is your zodiac sign?

Do you read your horoscope? I’m a cancer, but I don’t read my horoscope…. Ok now I’m officially curious. Hold on while I google it. According to “Cancer, the fourth sign of the zodiac, is all about home.”…..Wow. Now that is freaky.


What was your first job?

My first real job was an internship with Bill Ingram Architect in Birmingham, AL. It was an invaluable experience to work under such a talented firm.

Before that I was a babysitter. I’ve got mad babysitting skills.


What led you to this career?

I always knew I wanted to do something with interior design or architecture. I used to go to my friends’ houses to spend the night, come home and draw plans for how I think they should redo it, then show them to my mom. My husband likes to say that I got lucky by picking the right major the first time around. I like to think I just know what I want.


What decorative accessory do you love to work with the most? Lights! Lighting is so important and I love adding texture and color with something as simple as a table lamp. Stray Dog lamps are a perfect example! 


What are you reading right now?

1000 Little Gifts and Steve Jobs’ biography. They may or may not be getting dusty on my bedside table.


What is sexy now?

Ryan Gosling.

I’m kidding. I think antiqued or satin brass is sexy now. I can’t get enough of it.


What is your favorite part of the job?

When I can tell my clients are finally enjoying their home. There’s nothing better than seeing the joy on their faces when paint goes up or furniture is installed. It makes it all worth while.


How does living in Nashville affect the way you design?

Nashville is such a diverse city-full of all types of people. And my projects reflect just that. My design style is much more inclusive than I ever imagined. I always pictured I would have this portfolio of work that flowed like a classical music album- with images that all looked relatively the same. But thanks to some amazing clients here I’ve learned that my style is across the board- more like a high school mix CD. A little unpredictable but WAY more fun!


Thanks Rachel!!!!!