Perfect Baby Girl

so, did i tell you lala and mariano had a baby?(mariano runs our warehouse and lala has taken care of my children for almost 9 years and they got married last christmas……they are also the most wonderful people i know) so, anyway, she is sooo cute and sooo sweet and sooo perfect. her name is mariana(actually mariana estella after my stella….sweeeeet!) and she looks just like a little china doll. fat cheeks and beautiful black eyes. she is smart, and alert , and so strong… and she already sleeps from like 11:00 to 7:00 …what a genius! oh, i love her.i love her. i love her. i do love a new baby, don’t you? they smell gooood. i am a little bit obsessed with family has taken to calling me the freaky grandmother.and the girls(who are also obsessed with her, i might add) are always reminding me she is not MY baby. they also spend alot of time complaing that i hog the baby. they just don’t understand that mariana wants me to hold her all the time.she told me so. so there. ha! oh, and i am her godmother, so clearly, i am supposed to hold her all the time.